Extension and Education Materials for Sustainable Agriculture Series. Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Nebraska, 1993 - 2000. A series of volumes useful for traditional classroom instruction, extension meetings with producers, and in-service training of extension agents.? [resources online and for purchase; high school +]

Extension Materials (from regional workshops) (1993)

Curricula in Sustainable Agriculture (1994)

Alternative Approaches to On-farm Research and Technology Exchange (based on national symposium) (1994)

Everyone a Teacher, Everyone a Learner (from train-the-trainer workshops) (1995)

Shared Leadership, Shared Responsibility (from train-the-trainer workshops) (1996)

Future Horizons: Recent Literature in Sustainable Agriculture(reviews more than 90 books on Sustainable Agriculture) (1996)

Linking People, Purpose and Place: An Ecological Approach to Agriculture (from the NCSATP Professional Development Program workshops of the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program) (1997)

Procedures for Evaluating Alternative Farming Systems: A Case Study for Eastern Nebraska (1998)

Facing a Watershed: Managing Profitable and Sustainable Landscapes in the 21 st Century (1998)

Small Farming Systems for the Midwest and Reintegrating Agriculture and Community in the Midwest (1999)

Urbanization of Rural Landscapes: Syllabus and Teaching Materials from a University Course (1999)

Urbanization of Rural Landscapes: Second Syllabus and Teaching Materials from a University Course (2000)

*Please Note the documents may take several minutes to download as they are rather large files*